Smoke Dudes Gold BBQ set

  • Convenient and exclusive design, tool and tool set packed in a handmade burnt wood suitcase. In this kit, you will find everything you may need when baking, pouring, adding, lubricating or removing baked goods that you can safely and easily produce according to your needs.

    The set includes: burnt wood, handmade suitcase, apron, spatula, tongs, brush, knife, grill cleaning brush, large fork, salt and pepper shaker, thermometer, spit (6 pcs.), Pins (4 pcs.), Marinade syringe, food scrapers, baking mat, universal opener.


    • Length 74 cm
    • Width 38 cm
    • Height 18 cm
    • Weight 8 kg
  • For an additional fee, we can make this product nominal (engraved suitcase and tools).