Set for rolling tobacco in a handmade suitcase

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  • The best and most necessary tobacco products are collected in an exclusive design, handmade and wooden suitcase. Everything you need - in one place!

    5 pcs SMOKING Brown Regular wrapping paper for cigarettes, 60 pcs.
    5 pcs SMOKING Green Regular wrapping paper for cigarettes, 60 pcs.
    1 pc SMOKING De Luxe Roll wrapping paper for cigarettes, 4 m.
    1 pc SMOKING Standard cigarette wrapper
    3 pcs SMOKING De Luxe King Size paper filters, 33 pcs
    1pc SMOKING Brown King Size wrapping paper for cigarettes, 33 sheets + paper filters, 33 pcs.
    5 pcs SMOKING Brown Conical King Slim Size paper filters 35-53888
    2 pcs CLIPPER CK11J lighter
    1 pc SMOKING Slim filters for cigarettes, 120 pcs.
    Grinder (shredder round)
    Plate (for wrapping)
  • For an additional fee, we can make this product nominal (engraved suitcase).