Remundi - Zelos S

  • Classic design, durable materials with high quality finish Remundi fireplaces / grills combine all these aspects and take them to the highest level. Remundi fireplaces / barbecues not only provide a harmonious and cozy atmosphere of the fire, but also the opportunity to prepare a variety of dishes and delicacies.

    Thanks to the removable drawer, Remundi Zelos makes it easy and safe to clean the ashes.
    In addition, Remundi Zelos can be modified by adding side shelves.

    Remundi outdoor fireplaces / barbecues can be fired with both firewood and coal. The heat accumulates under the grill plate which can reach up to 300 ° C. Due to the special geometry, the heat is evenly distributed everywhere, so the food will cook evenly.

    This innovative product is made in Germany and consists only of the highest quality steel.