• La Caja China # 2 model - a great offer for those who want to bake a whole pork. Bake up to 45-50 kg. weight pigs. Want to fry poultry? Great. This roasting box holds 18 hens, and an additional twisting device allows them to be fried by turning. Want to roast a turkey? You will bake up to 6 at a time in this box.

    Dimensions: Length: 122 cm, width: 64 cm, height: 65 cm, internal depth: 35 cm.

    The boxes are made of BC plywood reinforced with Marine aluminum frames. Weight 39 kg.

    Convenience: you can roast, roast small or large pork, sheep or goat, etc.

    Versatility: Bakes even 16-18 kg. chickens, 4-6 kg. turkeys, 8-10 kg. ribs, 8-10 kg. pig blades and so on.