Modern design Dancook 7000 open grill with solid 6mm stainless steel grill and four height adjustment positions. Due to the thickness of the grill, the meat is much easier to roast and cook more evenly, and the thick stainless steel grill is equivalent to a cast iron grill.

The grate can be placed vertically and the charcoal is loaded behind it, so the chicken can be roasted slowly, indirectly with the help of a spit.

The grill is made of heat-resistant aluminum alloy, which makes it corrosion-resistant, 2mm thick. The rod is assembled from individual parts, which makes it much more resistant to deformation.

Made in Denmark, warranty 2 years.


  • Height 70 cm
  • Width 56 cm
  • Depth 32 cm
  • Grilling area 42x25cm

Dancook 7000