A set of different spices in a handmade suitcase

  • The best and most necessary spices for every kitchen virtuoso are collected in an exclusive design, handmade and wooden suitcase. Everything you need - in one place!

    A stylish and practical gift!

    The spice set consists of six types of spices and two glass bottles with a ceramic grinder. The mills are reusable, refillable.

    • Spice Mix For Fish - 140 g
    • Spice Mix For Roast Meat - 170 g
    • Grill Seasoning - 130 g
    • Persillade Seasoning - 145 g
    • Vegetables Seasoning - 115 g
    • Pepper Lemon Seasoning - 135 g
    • Delicia's mill set - Himalayan salt 460 g / Four pepper mix 170 g
  • For an additional fee, we can make this product nominal (engraved suitcase).