Smoke Dudes BBQ

We are grilling fans whose love for this business was born out of a need for quality. Once upon a time, you needed durable and stylish grill tool sets - we created them ourselves. And now it is our business that allows our customers to experiment and enjoy the pleasures of grilling on a daily basis. Smoke Dudes operates both in Lithuania and throughout Europe, because lovers of good taste live everywhere!


Our grill tools are assembled and placed in stylish handmade boxes, which are made of burnt wood, and the tools are made of stainless steel. Experienced BBQ specialists helped us to select the most suitable tools for BBQ production. So in the Smoke Dudes sets you will find everything you may need while preparing for grilling, during cooking or already having fun with fried dishes. Smoke Dudes kits are not only high quality and stylish, but also practical. They have a functionally adapted location for each tool. You won't find any tools in vain in the kits that don't perform a specific function. All tools are conveniently removed from the box and securely attached to it. So you can store Smoke Dudes kits anywhere: in the garage, in the car, in the room or in the office. The kit boxes we have created are airtight, so the tools in them will not dust or scratch, and the box itself will fit perfectly into various environmental designs.


Smoke Dudes is a brand of grill tools that has already won the favor and recognition of grill fans! We currently work with the most famous chefs in the Baltic States, specialized grill equipment stores, butchers and other professionals in their field. For us, professional recognition is a significant and significant assessment of Smoke Dudes products for our entire team. These kits were also loved by customers looking for gifts for loved ones, colleagues or executives. It is a universal gift suitable for both barbecue professionals and beginners, as our customers can complete Smoke Dudes tools according to their specific requirements.

Our handmade boxes are made of burnt wood, and the tools are of high quality and exclusive design. Experienced BBQ specialists helped to select the most suitable tools for the production of barbecue, which can be maintained with water, detergent or wet wipes. The goods also have a 14-day return guarantee.

Smoke Dudes BBQ barbecue tools and burnt wood handmade boxes can be a great gift for team members, hunters or fishermen.